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Alchemia is a movement that celebrates slow-beauty and the art of self-care rituals. 

La Vie Jewelry

Crafted in the heart of Athens, La Vie Jewels are simple, elegant and made to accompany your day and night looks.


Slow beauty is not about doing everything slowly. It is about doings things thoughtfully, being present and accepting yourself entirely while embracing your imperfections.

We Create Harmony

Daphne P

Blots are perfect for a unique and easy-to-wear result. Mix & match to create your own custom palette and refresh your pre-owned jewelry!


Sonos chose as their mission a new way to bring music to every home - wirelessly. They hired an amazing team who built amazing products from scratch, and music devotees all over the world found a new brand to fall in love with.



Waks products are made with the intention of creating scents that will complement our, often busiest, lived environments and offer an aesthetic enhancement to any space.

designer of the month
meet ileana makri

Ileana is particularly intrigued by the “evil eye”, a symbol that in Mediterranean countries serves as protection from negative forces.